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The "ONE NIGHT" series

Posted by Richard Romano on

The "ONE NIGHT"  series
When the idea for SIR & SON was created,
the thought was to create something
sexy and masculine for all men. 

SIR & SON is a brand that reflects the lifestyle of a man and his son. A Sir is a authoritative, secure man who has a playful side which is brought out by his obedient loving Son. The brand reflects the essence of how men live their life. We want to be strong and confident but at the same time have some fun and enjoy life. That is what fashion is, something to enjoy and experience. We all have that outfit that makes us feel something whether is be to feel amazing, sexy, confident, or like the Boss. We want our clothes to reflect how we feel. SIR & SON brings out that in any man. We take pride in creating an image for today's man. Our brand is reflection of today's man ever changing lifestyle and want for more. 


SIR & SON created an Scene that reflects in the first of many photography series. The first one is called "ONE NIGHT" it takes you on the journey of how The SIR  & SON first met and their experience of that night. We all have fantasy's and want to be someone else every now and then, so why don't you and let your sell go and enjoy the inner urges. 


1: The first one is called "THE INTRODUCTION" the first meeting of the SIR & SON. The moment that the roles were created. Sir is in charge and the Son is for him.

2: This scene is 'OBEDIENCE" How the Sir takes control of the Son and teaches him to obey and respect the Sir and his authority.

3: This scene is called "TRUST" The moment when the Son relinquishes his control and submits to the Sir and his needs. 

4: This scene is called "REWARD" That moment when they both understand their roles and now can share each others wants and desires together. 

5: This scene is called "FOREVER" Once that bond is created and the trust is built they now have the true meaning of SIR & SON. 

6: The last scene is called "NEVER FORGET". The Sir is always in charge and the Son his all his. This will be the roles they have for a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did creating for you. Go out there today and be the Sir or Son you want to be.

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